I have had experiences with the supernatural.
I have little interest in getting to know other people.
People sometimes find it hard to understand what I am saying.
I think other people are out to get me.
I am aware that people notice me whenever I go out in public.
I prefer to keep to myself.
I have odd ways of thinking.
I have trouble concentrating for long periods of time.

People have to earn my trust.
I am overly confident in my own knowledge and abilities.

I’m always searching for hidden meanings in things
I am quick to challenge the loyalty of friends and loved ones.
People find me cold and distant.
I always blame other people for my mistakes.
I carry grudges against people.
I have trouble with setbacks.I do not need attention or acceptance.
People rarely find me funny or I have trouble finding humor in things.

I have been called a loner.
I have weak social skills.
I have difficulty expressing anger.

I have been arrested or have done something that could get me arrested.
I believe that people who get taken advantage of are weak and deserve to be used.
I lie a lot.
I have been caught stealing.
I do things without thinking of the consequences.
Sometimes I can be aggressive.
I am more concerned with my needs than other people’s needs.
I don’t care how others feel or I have no empathy.


My moods change a lot.
I have low self esteem.
Sometimes I have trouble controlling my anger.
I have hurt myself or I still am hurting myself.
I have attempted suicide or have thoughts of suicide.
I think that someone is either all good or all bad, there is no in between.
I have unstable relationships.
I am often sad.

I am constantly seeking attention.
I like being the center of attention.
I often find myself interrupting people so that I am in control of the conversation.
I love compliments and praise.
I have/ still do dress provocatively.
I exaggerate things like illnesses to gain attention.
I believe that everyone loves me.
I can sometimes be manipulative.

It’s all about me.
I expect others to see me as superior.
I am very picky about who I am friends with.
Not everyone is worthy enough to be my friend.
I usually make good first impressions.
I have trouble keeping long-lasting friendships/relationships.
I like taking advantage of people.
I have fantasies of being famous, powerful, or beautiful.

I am anxious in social situations.
I sometimes avoid situations where I have to interact with people.
I’m afraid of rejection.
I’m afraid of embarrassing myself in front of others.
I tend to find all the bad things about trying out new things in order to avoid them.
I create fantasy worlds that I like to go to.
I want to be popular and have lots of friends, but I feel like I am unable to do this.
People see me as unfriendly and withdrawn.

I’d rather live my whole life with someone taking care of me.
I can’t make it on my own.
I tend to cling to people and fear losing them.

Whenever I fear I may lose someone or I have lost someone, I may become suicidal.
I let others make decisions for me.
I tend to jump from relationship to relationship.

I would remain in an abusive relationship.
I am deeply hurt by the smallest bit of criticism.

I like things to be perfect and in order.
I have to do everything the “right” way or my way.
I set high standards for myself and others.
I am very critical of other people.
I’m afraid of making mistakes.
I am not very generous when it comes to my time or money.

I think rules are meant to be followed.
I am very devoted to work.

summer in the stars


Aligning yourself with influential people doesn't always give you a clear shot at the title. Before you fool yourself into thinking that so-and-so is your ticket to paradise and/or success, you need to take a good long look at what this could turn into. Whatever favor you think that they have the power to bestow is bound to come with a few strings. Don't take anything that isn't given freely. And it might help you to remember that the belief that someone can make anything happen for us is a lie. Wake up! You need to get behind the idea that you can do this yourself.

The best thing about what's going on right now is it's giving you the opportunity to reclaim yourself. So much of what has gone down has taken away the bigger part of what makes you who you are. Accommodating people, giving everyone but you space to figure out what they want out of this, and adjusting your whole persona just to make it work has taken a toll on more than your freedom. The need to come back to center, along with a willingness to really look at what you're trying to create, will remind you that your pictures of perfection need to include you.

Nobody told you that heaven would be this chaotic! The thing you wanted more than anything else has become a bit of a problem. I'm not sure if you're in the tunnel of love or on the road to your wildest dreams, but for the first time you are seeing that you need to be careful what you wish for. What's getting to be too much will be over the top for a while. If you can summon up the strength to be the one who never gets rattled by it you will live through this. Those of you who are thinking it might be time to get off the train need to sleep on the concept for a week or two.

Don't get too excited about this — not that it isn't totally thrilling, but it's one of those things that'll be "hurry up and wait." The actions of others have much to say about how long it will take for your next move to come together. For your own part, you will find that beyond having to bow to someone else's time table, loose ends in your own reality will slow things down. People who aren't totally OK with the way you've decided to change things, and/or logistical snarls involving property and possessions will fill up your time while your vision comes together.

You can't figure out why things seem to be rearranging themselves so quickly. One day you're clear that everything's going to be all right, and the next day your perspective flips to the thought that the other shoe is bound to drop. On top of this mental seesaw, all of a sudden the spiritual component has become a big feature in your reality. If it sounds strange to suggest that this would add to your confusion, you need to consider that whenever we begin to go deeper into our purpose for being here, life automatically opens up a Pandora's Box of one thing after another.

You can't believe how easy it's been to get this going. If you're pinching yourself to see if it's real, I can see why. Sometimes things work out just the way we want them to — and when we get over the shock, we usually discover that we have a whole new set of problems to deal with. That being the case, your situation is ripe for creating anything you want, and now is the time to think about where you want it to go. Don't use any of the prescriptions that you've used in the past. Your current state of affairs is totally different and won't respond well to the old set of rules.

It seems as if everything needs to turn around. Recent epiphanies have revealed things from within and you have come to a greater awareness of your true worth. This understanding has upset the balance in your relationships, not just with people but with your whole life. For the first time, the need to either withhold or give all your power away, has transformed into the need to share it. Others, who up till now have had you under their thumb, could be totally pissed off that you finally recognize yourself! Don't let this keep you from speaking and living your truth.

The need to be recognized plays a huge part in your psychology. It's interesting because you haven't figured out that no one will recognize you until you recognize yourself. The greater part of being seen comes from knowing who you are. Things get complicated when we think anyone can do that for us. As soon as your true confidence begins to flower it won't matter who's there to applaud you for it. Ironically, the minute we begin to know who we are and what we're worth, attention ceases to be an issue and — as if by magic — we begin to attract it by default.

Concerns about someone close have you wondering if you had anything to do with their pain. If you think this is your fault you're crazy. Everyone has their own row to hoe and how they interpret their life experience is totally up to them. Whoever's coming unglued has yet to see that they either expect too much or their expectations are irrelevant to the times we're in. You can hold their hand and walk them through this but there is absolutely nothing you can do to alter the way they deal with it. Sometimes you have to sit back and let people get their lessons.

This is a gamble. You're not too sure about which way things will roll but you've got nothing to lose. Others are less enthused about what this will mean for them. If you think you can get them to drop all of their considerations and go for it, that too is a risk. The best approach would be to go about your business and keep your life moving forward. It's one of those times when, if you build it, they will follow — but don't expect anyone to get there until you've prepared a place for them. And even if they don't show up you'll be well on your way to a whole new life.

Too many things have converged simultaneously. For some of you this feels like life is finally coming together; for others it feels more like a 10 car pileup. When things get this nuts there's not much to do but wait; so what can you do while you're waiting? Meditating on the situation would be a good place to start. You need space and time to look at what's going on. Once you get the picture, you'll know more about what needs to be done. Unraveling this knot will take a while. Settle in, settle down and do whatever you can to get to the bottom of it.

You can't be held hostage for whatever it is that others seem to be blaming on you. Are they forgetting the part they played in it? You can't ignore these accusations but it won't do you any good to challenge them. If you want this to smooth over walk softly and make it clear that you're not here to hurt anyone. You might also remind everyone that all of this was their idea to begin with. This will make it easier for others to acknowledge the extent to which this most recent drama snowballed out of things that they set in motion a long time ago.

There's all kinds of stuff going on. You've been swept away and are now wrestling with the awareness that it's time to swim back to the shore or let go and allow yourself to be carried further into this dream. Trust that the dream has something to it but it may not be exactly the way you picture it now. With no clue as to whether capturing the illusion is what you need to be doing there's no incentive to return to the past. Between a rock and a hard place it's best to dissolve and become fluid enough to let the river carry your spirit deeper into the mystery.


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01. Who was the last person who cried around you? Why did they start crying? Was it unexpected?
my neighbor Kelsey because her brother is a drunkasshole, it was unexpected but understood

02. Have you ever thrown up out a car window? If so, what was the reason you threw up?

03. Have you ever slept on your hand when something was written on it and woken up with the writing on your face?
in high school

04. Has anyone ever told you that you and your significant other could be siblings? Have they ever assumed you were siblings?
um, no

05. Have you ever attempted origami? Are you good at it? Do you enjoy it? What's your favorite origami to make?
I was terrible at every aspect of origami

06. Are you more likely to like someone before you really know them, or do you feel you like them more after you know a lot about them?
seems to be different with almost every person

07. Do you buy people cards on special occasions, are do you prefer to make your own?

08. Don't you hate when people say that you and them should get together, but they don't even make the effort to?
every now and again, sometimes I understand that thinking it is just as good as actually doing it

09. When was the last time you were being hypocritical?
daily I'm sure

10. Where on your body was the last cramp you had? Why did you have this cramp?
PMS :(

11. What is the weirdest name you've ever heard?

12. Do you ever get bloated from eating too much fruit? Does it get bloated from anything else?
almost everything in existance makes me bloated, but fruit just gives me heatburn

13. Do you get embarrassed when people hear you sing/compliment you on your singing ability? If so, why is that?
what? no

14. Do any of your family members seem to care more about materialistic items than the other members of your family?
Ah, I mean.. we all have our moments. But no, not really

15. Have you ever made a survey asking a specific question, in hopes that a certain survey taker would take it and answer that question so you wouldn't have to ask that person directly, but indirectly?

16. Are you good at comforting people when they're upset?
seems that way

17. Do you believe that with each and every day, you're getting better and better, physically, mentally, whatever?
I can only hope

18. Have you ever done pull-ups on a diving board?
haha what? why? nooo

19. Do you have any exercises you do everyday?
mixture of yoga and pilates

20. Do you own one of those singing fish? Do you think they are silly or funny?
no and no and no

21. Has anyone ever accused you of being bipolar or any other mental disorder? Do you really have any mental disorders?
yes and yes

22. Did you buy the last thing you bought with your own money? If not, whose money did you buy it with?
my own

23. Are there headphones/earbuds plugged into your computer right now?

24. Do you find it ridiculous and rude when people talk on their cell phones around other people? Do you do this?
Me and my brother were juust talking about this. He hates it

25. Do you like to put your feet up on the dashboards of cars? Do you parents yell at you if you do that in cars?
sometimes and prolly when I was younger if my feet or shoes were dirty

26. Do you ever customize your layout, or do you leave it the way it was to begin with?
used to

27. When you were younger, did you enjoy making collages out of cut up magazines? Do you still enjoy doing that?
yessss yes and yes and yes over and over again

28. Which Beatle is your favorite, or do you love them all equally?
GEORGE, my first son will be named Harrison

29. Do you enjoy classic rock? If so, who are some of your favorite classic rock artists?
ALL my favorites really

30. When does you cell phone plan expire, if you have one? Do you know what phone you want next?
oh man online surveys
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